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Catalog - Philatelic Issues

To date, there has been no attempt to try to establish a price catalog for Ukrainian stamps, covers and postcards from all time-periods. It is our intent to provide

  • comprehensive method to catalog Ukrainian philatelic material, and

  • establish a fair market-value for these material.

  • Prices quoted are based upon a number of factors including input from collectors, dealers in Ukraine plus base prices established at auctions. We do not claim to be 100% accurate as many factors affect the buying and selling of philatelic material. It is our intention to establish the most realistic retail prices possible.

    It is our intention to ensure that the quoted prices reflect current market value. This site will be updated immediately of any price changes.

    Please note, that MINT means an item that is either unhinged and / or unmarked and in excellent condition.

    Used means a philatelic item that legitimately passed through the Ukrainian Postal System. This definition and its related prices do not apply to philatelically used material. Markings on the stamp should be clear and legitimate. There should also be some indication that the item was used for regular postal activity. Postally used stamps are usually worth more than the canceled-to-order stamps!

    Prices quoted are suggested prices, only. Prices in this catalog are meant to serve as a guide!

    Prices are in effective as of April 1st, 2001. Prices listed are in US dollars.

    When items are listed without prices or without prices in one of the columns, the variety is known to exist but a value has not been established.