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Postal Stationery

One of the more interesting aspects of Ukrainian philately is the extensive use of postal stationery. They have been extensively used in Ukraine prior to the break-up of the Soviet Union. Since independence, there has been a continued increase in this method of sending correspondence.

The postal stationery put out by the Ukrainian Postal authorities are quite interesting in their subject matter and graphic design. They are used to display various historical events, social customs and traditions. In most cases, they are displayed in a simple artistic manner.

On July 1, 1998; Ukraine adopted the International Postal standard in how a postal envelop is to be addressed. It accepted the convention of having the return address now being in the top-left hand corner. Previous, it was at the bottom right-hand side. As a result, this has had some major impact on new postal stationery covers. Previously, the design cachet on the left-side was quite large. Now, it has to be substantially reduced. This some how has reduced the impact on how some of these covers look!

This site provides for you a complete visual listing of all the postal stationery issued to date. You will see the images of these items plus some basic information about each of them. In addition, a catalog of prices is provided. The catalog also provides you with a listing of varieties and errors for various covers.

It takes awhile to compile a comprehensive list of postal stationery. These covers are produced regionally and are not necessarily distributed nationally. As a result, it takes some time to get a complete list together.

PLEASE NOTE: This area of the site is quite graphical in nature. The file size of each image is fairly large. Unless you have a fast Internet connection, you may find this site to be slow!