The Ukrainian Electronic Stamp Album

Postal Series



1939 Issue

After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, most of the Carpatho-Ukrainian territory came under Czechoslovakian administration. Under Czechoslovakia, the Ukrainian population achieved some degree of national liberalization.

In 1938, the Czechoslovakian Government promised Carpatho-Ukraine autonomy. But in January 1939 (based upon the Slovakian precedence of breaking away from the Czechs and declaring themselves independent), Carpatho-Ukraine through its representative body - Ukrainian Central Council, declared itself autonomous.

In 1939, the Czech Government prepared a special stamp for the first constitutional meeting of the Carpatho-Ukrainian Parliament. The design was based upon a previous Czech stamp highlighting the old wooden church in Yasyn. The new 3 kronen stamp was printed in a blue colour. The stamp is inscribed on top with the wording "Carpatho-Ukraine" and on the bottom "First Assembly, 2. 3. 1939". This stamp was to be put into ciculation in Chust on the first day of Parliament - March 15th, 1939.

For overprints, the Post Office prepared a special cancellation with the date "15. 3. 1939" and the inscription "XYCT - CHUST OPENING OF FIRST ASSEMBLY"

However, independence was very short. In a month's time, Hungarian troops occupied the entire territory. The Hungarian administration lasted until 1944. Hungarian stamps and postmarks were used during this time period.