The Ukrainian Electronic Stamp Album

2000 Philatelic Issues

Official Symbols of the Head of State (President)

On August 18th, 2000; Ukraine issued four (4) stamps in a miniature sheet showing the various Presidential symbols.

The issue is comprised of four (4) perforated stamps, each depicting a different Presidential symbol. Each stamp has an identical denominational value of 60k.

  1. The first stamp shows the flag.
  2. The second stamp shows the mace.
  3. The third stamp shows the seal.
  4. The fourth stamp shows the badge.

A pictorial cancellation was used for the First Day of Issue cover. Cancellation was done in Kyiv.

Face Value Each stamp - 60k
Total value - 2.4 hrv
Colour Multicolour
Design Oleksyi Rudenko
Printing Method Offset
Printers "Derzhznak" - Kyiv
Perforation 11.5 x 11.5
Sheet 4 (2 x 2)
Stamp Size 28 x 40 mm
Issue 60,000