The Ukrainian Electronic Stamp Album

2008 Philatelic Issues

Traditional Ukrainian Head Wear - 2008 Series

On 10 Dec 2008; Ukraine issued a sheet of new definitive stamps based on the series - Traditional Ukrainian Head-wear.

  1. The top row left stamp - married woman's cap and kerchief, Cherkasy Region

  2. The top row middle stamp - headscarf, Ternopil Region

  3. The top row right stamp - wedding head wear, Ternopil Region

  4. The second row left stamp - headband and scarf, Rivne Region

  5. The second row middle stamp - "crown of thorns" kerchief, Hutsul Region

  6. The second row right stamp - head scarf and kerchief, Lemko Region

  7. The third row left stamp - wedding head wear, Pokutyia Region

  8. The third row middle stamp - headscarf, Rivne Region

  9. The third row right stamp - cotton pill-box hat and kerchief, Lviv Region

  10. The bottom row left stamp - men's hat, Hutsul Region

  11. The bottom row middle stamp - married woman's cap, Lviv Region

  12. The bottom row right stamp - men's "magerka" head wear, Rivne Region

A pictorial cancellation was used for the First Day of Issue cover. Cancellation was done in Kyiv.

Face Value 1.0hrv
Colour Multicolour
Design Serhyj Luknianenko
Printing Method Offset
Printers "Derzhznak" - Kyiv
Perforation 11.50 x 11.50
Stamp Size 40 x 42 mm
Sheet 12(4 x 3)
Issue 170,000