The Ukrainian Electronic Stamp Album

Provisional Issues - City of Kyiv


On March 25th, 1992; the State Committee of Ukraine's Ministry of Communications authorized by Decree Number 52 to overprint its remaining low-value Soviet stamps (Soviet catalog numbers 6145, 6146 and 6298) with new values. These overprinted postage stamps would have the right to be used on par with Ukraine Post and former USSR Post stamps. Mixed franking was also permitted. These overprinted definitive stamps were to be used in the City of Kyiv for regular postal use.

"Borysfen", a Kyiv print shop was responsible to print these new revalued stamps. However, the State Committee was in a process of transition. It was not able to properly monitor the printing of these overprints. As a result, we have inconsistent quality of overprinted stamps. We have

  1. colour shift,

  2. random ink blotches and spots, and

  3. positional varieties

In addition, many fakes and forgeries plus overprints on non-designated Soviet stamps have appeared in the philatelic market.