The Ukrainian Electronic Stamp Album

Provisional Issues - City of Lviv

1992 Lviv Trident Overprints

The issuance of the Lviv trident overprints is itself a confusing matter. While never fully sanctioned, the Lviv postal authorities were able to utilize the arrangements the Kyiv Postal authorities had established in issuing their trident overprint series. On April 16th, 1992; Lviv postal authorities entered into an agreement with the Kyiv printing company "Borysfen" to provide overprinted trident stamps for its use. To date, no documentation exists to the terms of the agreement.

For several months, "Borysfen" prepared various test prints based upon the "Kyiv" design. On July 6th, 1992; the Lviv Postal Authority was given permission to issue the overprints. At the same time, an audit committee was established to monitor the receiving and distribution of the new overprinted stamps. This committee quickly determined that there were many stamps not accounted for. Also, there was poor quality control. On various sheets, we have

  1. a. colour shift,

  2. b. random ink blotches and spots, and

  3. c. positional varieties.

By the end of July 1992; the Lviv trident overprinted stamps were being sold at all Lviv postal outlets. While they were initially intended to be sold only in Lviv, Lviv postal authorities did distribute them to some regional areas.

The Lviv overprints are identical in many ways to the Kyiv ones. While Kyiv had a series of 12 stamps; Lviv had only 10. While the Kyiv issues had its inscription in the top margin, Lviv in most cases had it on the right side.

The 0-35, 0-43 and 0-45 kop overprints were sold-out quickly. Initially, these values were intended to be used to complete the required postal rate values for postal stationary and postcards. Due to inflation, postal rates kept changing. There then was no need to have these lower postal values. Also, the 20-00 kop completely sold-out. On March 30th, 1993; the Ukrainian Ministry of Communications ordered the Lviv Postal Authority to stop selling the overprints. All unsold overprints were recalled and destroyed.

Many fakes and forgeries plus overprints on non-designated Soviet stamps have appeared in the philatelic market.